Building Massive Customer Loyalty

The modern marketplace is saturated with competition. No matter your business, there are numerous other players, all trying to grab their piece of the pie. For the small business owner the question becomes: how do we stand out in the minds of the potential customer? While there are numerous strategies for doing this, we believe that one is sure to help you completely own your market.

It may seem counterintuitive, but the way to generate more revenue is to actually give something away for free. Yes, that's right. Giving away service or goods for free has the potential to skyrocket your business to the next level. Why is that? The answer lies in consumer psychology. Chains will often offer free goods for a short period of time, resulting in lines down the block. Naturally, this is expensive, so why do it? The answer is that giving away value creates a positive perception in the mind of the consumer. The result of this is repeat business and, ultimately, a lifelong customer.

We at OurTownAZ realize the value of free (or deeply discounted) and leverage this. Our entire program is centered on giving away value to new movers in a zip code. This allows our customers to get in front of new potential customers right away, and cement positive brand recognition from day one. By deeply discounting or giving away your products and services, you are letting customers see the value in your business at no risk to them. When it is followed up by a thank you card for the visit, another positive impression is made and the image of your brand in their mind is set. From then on, they will associate whatever it is that your business provides with your brand, and will be lifelong loyal customers.

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