Direct Mail is Alive and Well

While the social media gurus and digital marketers would have you believe that traditional direct mail marketing is going the way of the dodo, nothing could be further from the truth. The Direct Marketing Association reported that in 2014, $46 billion was spent in the U.S. on direct mail, up from $44.8 billion in 2013. This data simply underlines the fact is that direct mail advertising is as effective as it has ever been, possibly even more so due to current trends. Given that the current trend is to hop on the digital bandwagon, a business that wishes to stand out must do something different. In an era when where everyone is clamoing for attention online, one of the best ways to stand out is to reach out and touch someone in the real world. For the small local business that wants to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing dollars, the question becomes: how do we make our marketing stand out?

The first key is to make it personalized to their interests and needs. In the case of marketing to new movers, we know that the potential customer has not discovered the best local businesses to satisfy their needs. This is a perfect opportunity to introduce your business. By sending mailers that identify them as new to the neighborhood, you are directly speaking to their needs. This helps establish your business in their mind, at a time before they have built loyalty to other businesses.

Identifying their needs as a new mover is not enough. There must be a reason to respond to your mailer. You must... make them an offer they can't refuse. By this we mean, of course, offer them a great discount on your best products or services. By incentivizing their visit, you can almost guarantee they are going to redeem the mailer. In addition, it pays create a perception of scarcity or urgency in the mailer. Verbiage that indicates the offer expires in 30 days, or that it is only available for the first 100 customers, can really light a fire under their seat.

Simply makling the offer and adding some urgency isn't enough, though. It's often said that what is measured is managed, and this rings true for direct mail marketing as well. Smart advertising always comes with a means to track the effectiveness of the campaign, as this is critical to making future decisions.

The final step to making direct mail work for your business is follow up. After all, a business needs repeat customers to thrive, so it's best to form a relationship with the customer. The best direct mail marketing programs will help with that by allowing you to send out thank you cards, to let the customer know they are appreciated. When it comes time for the consumer to decide who to do business with in the future, are they going to go with the business that let them know how valuable they are, or are they going to go with the unknown competitor? At OurTownAZ we firmly believe, and have data to prove, that a light touch after the sale helps to cultivate a lasting relationship that leads to repeat business in the future.

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